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Yitzchak (Itzak) Ehrlich

Low-cost and powerful video cameras and computer systems have enabled a new age of useful tools for processing visual information. We develop the complex software needed to transform sophisticated technologies into practical, user-friendly products. Itzak Ehrlich, Founder and CTO


Making powerful tools easy to use

We are passionate about making software easy to use. Our project teams include experts in human computer interface design, and we pay attention to ensure simple and intuitive user interfaces no matter how complex or powerful the application is.

Our specialties

Cutting-edge solutions that work

Identifying facial expressions in a crowd, or automatically counting and classifying butterflies involves the use of high-level logic and mathematics. That's where we come in. We've assembled an international team of leading experts in the development of practical, easy-to-use ComputerVision and graphics applications.

Turn a video camera into a tool to Identify, Count, Measure, Inspect and Track Objects

Turn any video camera into a tool that Identify, Count, Measure, Inspect and Track Objects

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