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Scan physical objects into editable 3D assets

We develop custom computer graphics software to meet your specific needs.

Computer Graphics Programming Services

Custom software development for:

  • 3D scanning and rendering of people and objects
  • Specialized 3D CAD software
  • Creating 3D models from point-cloud data
  • 3D reconstruction from multiple photos taken with a regular 2D camera
  • Processing image-distance data from depth cameras like TOF and Kinect (e.g. stitching multiple point clouds, background removals, ...)
  • Automated recognition and measurement of 3D objects
Capture, Create and Modify 3D Objects
Capture, Create and Modify 3D Objects

Typical applications

3D body scanning for clothing measurements; foot scanning for fitting shoes; medical imaging and diagnostics; dental reconstruction; product design and modeling; 3D visualization

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