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Recognize, extract and analyze objects from photos and video

We develop custom software that identifies objects in photos and videos.

Object Recognition

Development of custom software programs for:

  • Finding objects in digital images, photos and videos
  • Searching by image - using images as search criteria
  • Counting and measuring applications (parts, cars, people, metal sheets, pills, grain, birds, ...)
  • Tracking moving objects in video
  • Facial recognition, head tracking, face tracking and analysis, Human Action Recognition
  • Video Content Analysis
Recognize Faces & Objects in Videos & Photos
Recognize Faces & Objects in Videos & Photos

Identify and track faces and objects in video

Our technology identifies faces and objects in video. Frame by frame, it records the x, y coordinates of its findings and displays a bounding box around the found face or object.

As an implementation of Recognition Technology, our software learns to recognize a face or object using an initial training set of sample images. As it analyzes this training set, it computes factors that are likely to make the face or object unique and uses these factors to create a learning profile of the item for future recognition.

To improve its accuracy, our solution also uses Tracking Technology and User Assistance where the user has the option to correct mistakes.

The software tracks each item it finds in the video. It uses the findings in one frame to identify faces or objects in the next and previous frames even if the object's appearance changes slightly from frame to frame. For example, when a person turns his head or smiles.

When the initial, automated detection completes, the user has the option to confirm the findings. If any errors are found, the user can correct them with an easy-to-use interface.

The results of Tracking and User Assistance allow the system to update its learning profile for future use.

By combining Recognition Technology, Tracking Technology, and User Assistance, our solutions identify and track faces and objects in video with a very high degree of accuracy over what Recognition Technology can accomplish alone.


Typical applications of Object Recognition Technology

Security and surveillance systems; medical diagnostics; quality control; inventory control; image search and object identification; matching image detection; finding similar images in video or photos; motion tracking of objects; image matching across multiple content sources; human factors; psychology; human performance measurement; neuroscience; handwriting analysis

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