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User-friendly software simplifies complex tasks

User Experience Design


A good user experience begins with an understanding of the use cases and tasks your users will perform. To this, we add strong design skills, common sense, and a rapid, iterative development process. Our agile process takes user feedback into account continuously, so your application is robust and user friendly.


Creating easy-to-use solutions takes a diverse team of experts in user experience design, software engineering, and project management. Our strength in these disciplines is what enables us to develop software applications that make your complex tasks fast and easy.


 Bypass the limits of technology with practical user interactions

Even with the most advanced mathematics and algorithms known today, ComputerVision technology alone won't meet every need your users face. Still, we can solve your problem. How? With our expertise in human factors, we deliver solutions that make it easy for your users to supply the missing information and bypass the limits of technology.


 A proven record of success

Our developers and human factor teams have been responsible for commercial software products at companies such as Apple, Cisco, GE, Hewlett-Packard and Volkswagen. And we've helped over 10 small and start-up clients with software development projects that led to their acquisition by major corporations.

Let us help you succeed

Please call (408) 980-7332 or email us at info@ImageGraphicsVideo.com to talk about creating easy-to-use UI software for your or your client's needs.