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Recognize, count, measure, track and analyze objects in video and photos

We develop the specialized software needed for practical ComputerVision solutions based on your specific use-case and challenges.

Video capture, analysis and processing

Custom software development for

  • Inspection and measurement tools
  • Counting applications that quantify objects in videos and photos (e.g. parts, cars, people, metal sheets, pills, grain, birds, ...)
  • Measurements taken from video or photo images
  • Motion tracking and analysis
  • Extracting and analyzing statistical data from video
  • Measurements and 3D scanning using specialized methods such as stereoscopy and structured-light 3D scanning
Identify, Classify and Analyze Images in Video and Photos
Identify, Classify and Analyze Images in Video and Photos
Count, Measure and Inspect Objects in Video and Photos
Count, Measure and Inspect Objects in Video and Photos

Extract Quantitative Data from Images Captured with Your Camera

  • Build an industrial inspection solution using a regular PC and camera and our Computer Vision software
  • Classify, count and measure objects in videos or photos and use visual cues to count parts, manage inventory, estimate jobs, monitor traffic and analyze behavior
  • Automatically add metadata to videos or photos based on their content

Typical applications

Security and surveillance; forensic analysis; life sciences research; medical imaging; manufacturing; quality control; traffic monitoring; industrial inspection software; machine vision inspection systems; industrial measurements; remote video inspection (RVI), non contact inspection equipment and measurement tools, Non destructive testing (NDT), non destructive examination (NDE) and non destructive inspection (NDI)

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